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Show your commitment to sustainable & responsible fishing. By becoming a WeFish Ambassador, you’re helping us keep on improving this project and supporting environmentally friendly fishing practices. Let’s enjoy fishing together and get some catches! 

You will represent a growing community, whose main values are respect for nature, catch and release, and sharing only quality catches. That means catching in a natural environment, respecting nature.

As a thank you for all your support, we are offering you



Full and early access to new tools.

Discounts when buying in stores or from brands that are partnered with us

Exclusive meteorological data from all catches

Exclusive raffles and surprises

Ambassador badge on your WeFish profile

Unlimited and customized markers to plan your journeys.

Full FishLab version

The wind speed of that day.

And much more that’s yet to come.

Exclusive tools for WeFish Ambassadors

Catches analysis

Catches’ analysis

WeFish allows you to check all the statistics from your catches in order to become a better angler and master recreational fishing. As an Ambassador, you will get limited access to all catches’ full meteorological data:

  • Info on the solunar phase when the caught was made.
  • The waves status.
  • Air and water temperature.
  • Wind speed.
  • Atmospheric pressure.
  • And much more!

Plan your fishing trips: unlimited markers

Don’t be a single day without fishing! Create customized and unlimited markers and locate your favourite fishing spots. This way, you will be able to see at a glance what the meteorological data in these places will be like in a precise way. WeFish also allows you to check what are the most active species of an area and in a specific time frame, improving your chances to catch nice fish!

Of course, these markers are completely customized and private for every angler.

FishLab full version

Wouldn’t it be great to check what date our catches share in common and the behaviour of the species we’ve caught? If we knew this information, we could get some insight on how to catch them better, what bait or lure you should use, and even its color. Fishlab allows you to compare all this information and find out under which condition your fishing has been more successful! 

Only WeFish Ambassadors can access the full feature and so have access to all the data experiments they can imagine doing! 

Ant the most important

Collaborate with us in order to keep on supporting and enjoying responsible and sustainable fishing. 

Let’s take care of the environment together. There is no other way to enjoy our passion. 

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